There is nothing in this world you cannot express through rabbits. Am I right?

I am a musician by formal education and also a PhD student in musicology. I have worked in higher education institution throughout my career and at the moment I supervise music students’ research work and teach them research methods. I also teach national handicraft textile specialization students classes on making natural dyes from plants. In addition to that I work as a Vice Director for Academic Affairs and Development at the university.

Drawing is my recently discovered and beloved hobby and all my rabbits have been created out of pure joy for drawing. Quite surprisingly the rabbits have brought joy to a lot of people. I think it is because they are all very lively in their humanness…..or is it the other way around – very human in their liveliness.

Here you can find a lot of fun pictures of rabbits, drawn with colored pencils, water colors and pastels. I am glad to share them with you and I hope they bring you much enjoyment!

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