That moment when you choose to believe that a cup of cappuccino all but makes you more clever and a lot happier, protects you from Alzheimer’s and dementia, provides you 11% of the amount of riboflavin, 6% of pantothenic acid, 3% of manganese and potassium as well as 2% of magnesium and niacin needed per day, not to mention it boosts your metabolism about 3-12% and enhances your personal performance about 11-12%…


Siis, kui sulle meeldib uskuda, et tassike cappuccinot muudab sind nutikamaks ja õnnelikumaks, kaitseb sind Alzheimeri tõve ja dementsuse eest, sisaldab soovitavast päevasest kogusest 11% riboflafiini, 6% pantoteenhapet, 3% mangaani ja kaaliumi, 2% magneesiumi ja niatsiini ning kiirendab ainevahetust 3-12% ja suurendab sooritusvõimet 11-12%…


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