Winter Animals


Winter is cold.
There is snow in the sky.
The squirrel gathers nuts
and the wild geese fly.
The fluffy red fox
has his fur to keep warm.
The rabbit’s in her cave
sleeping all through the storm.

The Rabbit and the Moon

fullsizerenderaaThe moon is old, or so I have been told
and entirely made of green cheese.
But the circles and bumps are not rat holes,
instead are called mountains and seas.
I am told there is no water there too, 
so how can these oceans be?
And if it is green, why do they say blue,
when it definitely looks gold to me?
And then they say there is a little man
whose face adorns the surface.
But instead I see on the other hand
a rabbit with a basket of carrots.
Hoopity skipping with big, long ears
carefully carrying his treasure.
Hopping along, having no fears,
doing a Snoopy dance in measure.
Then they say it is waxing or waning
or crescent or full or new.
But I still see a bunny rabbit playing.
I guess it’s one’s point of view.
(Rosemary Hackney)